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Saturday, 17 February 2018

From Amin to Aminism: Assault on Journalists and Civil Society institutions in Museveni’s Uganda

Civil society activists to camp at police over office break-in

Kampala, Uganda | GODFREY SSALI | The Human Rights Awareness and Promotion forum (HRAPF), A Civil Society Organization that provides legal support and representation to marginalized people has threatened to shift its operations to the Old Kampala Police station citing security concerns.
The executive director Adrian Jjuuko said that effective Monday February 22, 2018 the organization would camp at the police station whose jurisdiction includes Plot 390, Professor Apolo Nsibambi Road, where their offices are located until police assures them of security.
This follows an incident Thursday night where unknown thugs broke into their offices in Namirembe, Kampala.
The thugs assaulted and incapacitated two security guards with iron bars and batons leaving them in critical condition and soaked in a pool of blood.
According to the organization’s deputy executive director, Anthony Mutimba, the thugs accessed the office using the perimeter and disabled the power and security systems.
“Though nothing was stolen the two security guards were critically injured and are currently hospitalized at St. Francis Nsambya Hospital,” said Mutimba
Addressing a press conference Friday afternoon, the forum’s executive director Adrian Jjuuko said this is the second break-in less than two years with the first one in 2016 claiming the life of a security guard.
“This is the second such attack that HRAPF has suffered. The first attack took place on the 22nd of May 2016 wherein a security guard, Mr. Emmanuel Arituha, was brutally murdered,” said Jjuuko.
Then the assailants ransacked the offices of the director and the deputy director, and stole documents and a television screen. The assailants did not take computers, laptops and other electronic gadgets.
Jjuuko said that though the particular incident was thoroughly investigated by the Uganda Police Force, who came to the conclusion that it was a random act of vandalism and burglary, no arrests were made despite the information that was provided including CCTV footage of the assailants’ faces.
“These attacks come against the backdrop of a narrowing civic space and increasing incidents of break-ins at civil society organizations that have not been satisfactorily investigated or resolved,” said Jjuuko.
For her part, the executive director of Legal Aid Service Providers Network (LASPNET), Sylvia Namubiru Mukasa on behalf of other human rights defenders said the break-ins appear to form part of a longer term, systemic, and worsening pattern of attacks on Ugandan civil society organizations targeting their legitimate and valuable work.
“The trend of break-ins is worrying given the deteriorating security in the country. Because no single incident has been conclusively investigated and no single person has been apprehended like they parade others,” said Namubiru.
On June 13, 2016, 31 local and international organizations petitioned Gen Kale Kayihura, the Inspector General of Police, about the way the police had handled the wave of break-ins at different offices of civil society organizations across the country.
Organizations such as the Uganda Land Alliance, the Foundation for Human Rights Initiative, the Legal Aid Service Providers Network, Akina Mama Wa Africa and Anti-Corruption to mention but a few have suffered break-ins in similar fashion.
Namubiru noted that despite timely reports to the police on all occasions, investigations have been unsatisfactory and the follow up is insufficient.

Gov't denies knowledge of journalist Etukuri's whereabouts  

Internal Affairs state minister Mario Obiga Kania has said government does not also know the whereabouts of New Vision crime investigations journalist Charles Etukuri.
Etukuri was allegedly kidnapped outside Vision Group premises on Tuesday afternoon by men dressed in military fatigue. They were reportedly driving a double cabin vehicle Reg No. UAH 038A.
Obiga told parliament chaired by deputy speaker Jacob Oulanyah that while investigations into the alleged kidnap are ongoing, so far the police does not know where the journalist is.
“We tasked the police to furnish us with information of where he [Etukuri] is and by Tuesday police [also did not know]. Up to today [Thursday], we are still investigating and if he is held by any government department, we shall produce him before court for whatever wrong he has done and that is the process we have to take,” Obiga said.
Obiga said despite commencement of the investigations by the concerned security agencies, no findings have been filed concerning Etukuri’s whereabouts. The minister was responding to a matter of national importance raised by Lwemiyaga MP Theodore Ssekikubo.
The MP also demanded government to explain to the country the fate of the two dead Europeans; Finnish entrepreneur Terasvouri Tuomas Juha Petteri, 42, and Alex Nordlarndar Sebastien Andreas, 41, from Sweden.
Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesman Luke Owoyesigyire had said on February 5, that Sebastien was found dead in his room at Sheraton Kampala hotel, while Petteri was found dead on February 6, at the Pearl of Africa hotel.
According to New Vision management, Etukuri's kidnap is likely connected to the stories he covered on Saturday and Sunday about the alleged murders. The murders were linked to officials in Internal Security Organisation (ISO) and Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI).
The leadership of the two organisations and that of police, that Etukuri is said to have been very close to, have not hidden from the public their disdain for each other's operation methods and alleged linkage to criminals and gangs. After the alleged kidnap, Etukuri reportedly reached out to his bosses at New Vision and told them that he was "safe".

“Can we know from government the fate of people who were killed in our facilities in hotels at the hands of security forces and what happened to the journalist who wrote about their death, they should tell us where Etukuri is and if he has broken the law, let him be produced in court,” Ssekikubo said.
Minister Obiga said the investigative bodies have commenced investigations and working towards returning the bodies of the deceased persons to their countries.
“In such incidents where people of high profile (investors) die, government doesn't just rush to make statements before investigations are done because the public statement may derail the investigations,” Obiga said.
“I will ask for patience, when we reach a certain level of investigations, we shall come back and make a statement in the house over the matter,” he added.
Defence and Veteran Affairs minister Adolf Mwesige said that claims that those that abducted Etukuri were in military uniform are false. “A mere semblance of military attire should not be concluded for the army uniform...I need to cross check because as you know, even wrong people can wear these uniforms,” Mwesige said.
Obongi MP Kaps Hassan Fungaroo also tasked government on the whereabouts of a veteran journalist and retired army officer Rev Isaac Bakka. Bakka went missing in October last year and has not been seen or heard from since then.
Masaka Woman MP Mary Babirye Kabanda said it was government’s responsibility to ensure safety and protection of journalists else government would face strong criticism from the international community.

Journalist Bakka secretly charged, remanded to Luzira

February 16, 2018
Written by URN

A day after members of parliament demanded for the whereabouts of veteran journalist, Rev Isaac Bakka, who went missing four months ago, government has said that he is incarcerated in Luzira prison on charges of treason and misprision of treason. 

Misprision of treason is an offence, committed where someone conceals knowledge of the mission of any treason against the state. It attracts a life sentence upon conviction. 
Uganda Prisons Service spokesperson Frank Baine says Baaka was brought to Luzira Upper prison on February 14. 

"He is admitted as Rev. Captain at Upper prison in Luzira, but they just brought him recently," Baine said. 

Bakka, who is attached to Bornfree Technologies Network (BTN), a television broadcaster based in Arua, West Nile went missing on October 9, 2017 after being kidnapped by unknown people in Mukono.

His whereabouts remained unknown until yesterday when MPs raised a matter of national importance on the floor of the House. They tasked government to explain the whereabouts of Bakka and New Vision journalist Charles Etukuri. Bakka was reportedly secretly charged and remanded to Luzira prison. 

Etukuri was, also this week kidnapped by men dressed army uniforms and his whereabouts remains unknown. 
Etukuri was reportedly kidnapped on Tuesday afternoon outside the New Vision premises. New Vision supposes that Etukuri, who was very close to police boss Gen Kale Kayihura, could have been abducted in connection to a series of investigative stories that he recently worked on.

His last story was about the death of an investor, a Finnish national who died at Pearl of Africa hotel in Kampala under unclear circumstances. The story implicated some operatives attached to the Internal Security Organisation (ISO) in the death of the Finnish tycoon Tuomas Teräsvuori Juha.

Etukuri's story stated that Teräsvuori had travelled to Uganda with Finnish politician Suvi Linden to meet the head of ISO Col Fred Bagyenda. The story further stated that although security agencies claimed that deceased died after inhaling drugs, Linden had told Saturday Vision that the deceased was not taking drugs.
In the same article, it was reported that Teräsvuori died a day after he was arrested in an operation by ISO officers led by Joel Agaba in Entebbe on Monday, February 5.

He was arrested on accusations that he had travelled into the country on a forged clearance letter by Bagyenda and later set free. He died a day later.

When President Museveni forgets that Uganda is a secular state: Government will consider a request by the Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) church to abolish Saturday examinations at all public education institutions: How about also abolishing examinations on Friday because it is a muslim prayer day???


Government to consider abolishing Saturday exams

President Museveni has said government will consider a request by the Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) church to abolish Saturday examinations at all public education institutions.
The SDA are a conservative religious denomination in the country that observe Saturday as their Sabbath, a day of dedicated to only worshiping God and rest.
The president made the announcement on Twitter this morning after yesterday’s meeting with the SDA Church World Leader, Pastor Ted Wilson, and his wife Nancy, at State House, Entebbe.
The Wilsons are in the country on a four-day pastoral visit christened “Total Member Involvement” to continue entrench SDA beliefs in Uganda and the East African region.
They were accompanied to State House by Uganda SDA Union leader, Bishop Daniel Maate, and other leaders from Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania and South Sudan.
“I thank Pastor Wilson for visiting Uganda. I commend members of the SDA community in Uganda for their discipline. We shall consider the church’s request about our education institutions not conducting examinations on Saturday,” the President wrote, adding: “We shall also look at the interests of other Christian denominations that need to be freed from school examinations on Sundays and also for the Muslim community on Fridays.”
On several occasions, Students from SDA families have been forced to miss lectures, tests or examinations slated for Saturdays opting to go to church, instead!
After arriving in the country on Wednesday, Pr Wilson addressed the media at Peniel Beach Hotel in Entebbe where he urged religious and political leaders to co-exist and complement each other for social development.
He noted that it is only through this religious-political symbiosis that the region can realise peace, political stability and end poverty.
“There are a lot of inhumane killings around the world but what should be known is that every life counts, the world needs everlasting peace and this comes from God only, part of our mission is to make Uganda feel they are part of creating peace,” he said.
Pr Wilson also promised to ask President Museveni to abolish Saturday exams because they are unfair to Adventists.
“The problem of students doing exams on the Sabbath (Saturday) is critical in many countries and I will certainly bring this to the attention of government (President) to try to give the students much consideration as possible,” he said.
“Governments [should] allow freedoms and liberties of worship, by which we are happy that Uganda provides; when freedom of worships is implemented in a full way, a nation is blessed.”
According to Israel Kefeero, the general secretary of SDA in Uganda, there are about four million SDA Christians in Uganda, with about 3,600 registered churches. There are about 21 million Adventists across the world.

Friday, 9 February 2018

Challenging Catholic lies with boldness: Prominent pastor prophesizes 3 more artistes to die this year is they do not repent , says he got a vision of Mozwey Radio burning in hell: Reverend Father Deogratias Kiibi Kateregga becomes a celebrity priest after presiding over the requiem mass of a V-sign waving fallen artiste Mowzey Radio: The priest also said that in the book of life angel Michael will read names of catholic priests, muslim Imamus , pastors, Anglican reverends . When you go to heaven they will ask you for the catholic baptism card and a letter from your catholic priest. Can you Imagine???

In the video below , the catholic celebrity priest said that Mozey had received the last sacraments(ordination of the sick) therefore God will welcome him to heaven. He also said that in the book of life angel Michael will read names of catholic priests,  muslim Imamus , pastors, Anglican reverends .  When you go to heaven they will ask you for  the catholic baptism card and a letter from  your catholic parish  priest. Can you Imagine???  The celebrity priest  holds a Bachelors degree in Philosophy, Bachelors degree in Theology, a Master’s degree in Religious and Theological Studies, and a diploma in Social and Religious Studies. Fr Kiibi is currently in his second year pursuing a Master’s degree in Journalism and Mass Communication at Makerere University.


The catholic church is the worst satanic institution on the face of the earth . It escorts its faithfools up to the doors of hell. The catholic church cares less about one ‘s filthy life style. What matters is for one to remain a staunch catholic.

Image result for Mozey radio Waves V-sign

When Catholic polygamists rebel against Jesus’ free gift of salvation and expect to rest in Peace: Ugandan Catholic Millionaire educationist Prof. Lawrence Mukiibi buried in white : “I want to be buried in white because I know heaven and the angels are white and that is where I am going’’. 

Do not allow the catholic church to escort you up to the doors of hell: AIGP Felix Kaweesa Burried Catholic style

The curse of dying in the satanic Roman Catholic church and going to hell: Popular catholic charismatic preacher J. B Mukajanga hurriedly buried amidst rumors of poisoning
The curse of living as a famous celebrity but dying as a roman catholic and going to hell: Ghana mourns BBC catholic presenter Komla Dumor, one of the nation's most revered journalists, who died of a heart attack last month at the age of 41.
The curse of dying catholic: When the catholic church escorts its faithfuls to the doors of hell: Catholic NTV news anchor Rosemary Nankabirwa dead : Executive aviation chattered aircraft carrying the remains of Rosemary landed at Entebbe International airport: Nankabirwa died with dignity – catholic parish priest: Nankabirwa: Jesus will heal me: Nankabirwa’s last words: save me Jesus

 Prominent pastor prophesizes 3 more artistes to die this year, says he got a vision of Mozwey Radio burning in hell

Prominent pastor prophesizes 3 more artistes to die this year, says he got a vision of Mozwey Radio burning in hell
Feb 7, 2018
By our reporter
Renowned city Pastor Edward Ssewanyana has claimed that after Mowzey Radio’s death, the Holy Spirit has revealed to him that three more prominent secular musicians in Uganda are going to die in 2018 unless they repent.
Posting on his official Facebook wall, Apostle Ssewanyana says he saw a vision that each of these three musicians was being held on a leash or chain like dogs.
He notes that Satan has given them opportunity to operate ‘freely’ but he is making the leash shorter until they are pulled directly to him and then he will kill them.
Apostle Ssewanyana further revealed that he saw a spiritual vision while the fallen music icon Mowzey Radio is burning in hell which was a clear sign to him that the singer died without Jesus Christ and was cast into hell.
He posted;
The Holy Spirit has revealed to me that 3 prominent secular musicians in Uganda shall die this year of 2018 unless they repent. I saw in a vision that each of these musicians is being held on a leash or chain that is like a dog leash. Satan has given them opportunity to “freely” operate but he is making the leash shorter until they are pulled directly to him and then he will kill them. I saw a spiritual vision as I was praying with Mowzey Radio aka Moses Sekibogo burning in hell. Mowzey was trying to climb out of the burning pit but a force kept on pulling him back into the infernal flames. God was confirming to me that indeed Mowzey died without Jesus Christ and was cast into hell.
This is not a so called “prophecy of doom” but a warning to the unrepentant secular musicians. This may be your last opportunity to heed the voice of Jesus Christ. God has no delight in your death but he will surely delight in your repentance and your use of the musical gift to glorify Jesus Christ.
“Say unto them, As I live, saith the Lord GOD, I HAVE NO PLEASURE IN THE DEATH OF THE WICKED; BUT THAT THE WICKED TURN FROM HIS WAY AND LIVE: turn ye, turn ye from your evil ways; for why will ye die, O house of Israel?” (Ezekiel 33:11)
However if you do not repent and receive Jesus Christ as your Lord and savior, you will likewise perish and burn in the fires of hell and the lake of fire forever.
“Or those eighteen, upon whom the tower in Siloam fell, and slew them, think ye that they were sinners above all men that dwelt in Jerusalem? I tell you, Nay: but, EXCEPT YE REPENT, YE SHALL ALL LIKEWISE PERISH.” (Luke 13:4-5)
Singing one or two “gospel” songs is not the same as receiving and confessing Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. You must renounce your past and hand over your life to Jesus.
“That if thou shalt CONFESS WITH THY MOUTH THE LORD JESUS, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.” (Romans 10:9-10)
SHARE this message until it reached God’s intended recipients.
By Apostle Edward Ssewanyana

Fr Kiibi priest lit up Mowzey radio rubaga funeral service

Fr Kiibi, priest who lit up Mowzey funeral service

Sunday February 4 2018

By Robert Mugagga
KAMPALA. Rev Fr Deogratias Kiibi Kateregga, simply referred to as Fr Kiibi by most parishioners, is just in his fourth year of priesthood, having been ordained in 2014 by the Arcbishop of Kampala, Dr Cyprian Kizito Lwanga.
He is youthful in appearance and deed, and on Friday worked himself into the hearts of Ugandans during the church service for artiste Mowzey Radio, who died on Thursday of injuries he sustained during a brawl in a bar in Entebbe just over a week ago. 

Image result for Mozey radio's funeral service The manner of Mowzey’s death cast into sharp focus the conduct of artistes, and various speakers, including the Katikkiro (prime minister) of Buganda, Mr Charles Peter Mayiga, emphasised the need for artistes to examine the way they conduct themselves. Mr Mayiga urged them to seriously consider hiring professional managers to guide their affairs.
Against that background, Fr Kiibi started by addressing queries he had perhaps received, that Mowzey, having died in such circumstances, was not worthy of being prayed for in Rubaga Cathedral. “Those who are angry that we have prayed for his soul in this church can come and beat me up,” Fr Kiibi cheekily said, provoking bouts of laughter. The afternoon was to see many such moments.
By the time Fr Kiibi was done with his summon, he was the talk of the town. So who is the youthful priest? We could not readily establish his actual age, but sources at Rubaga say he is in his late 20s. He is said to be one of the most trusted “generals” at Rubaga hill, with so many roles just four years into priesthood. 

Image result for Mozey radio's funeral service Currently, Fr Kiibi is the assistant Cathedral administrator and the information co-odinator for Kampala Archdiocese, in addition to being the assistant chaplain for the youth.
Archbishop Lwanga recently entrusted him with reviving the defunct church newspaper, Munno, and we understand that preparations are underway to have the paper running in the coming months.
Education background.
He holds a Bachelors degree in Philosophy, Bachelors degree in Theology, a Master’s degree in Religious and Theological Studies, and a diploma in Social and Religious Studies.
Fr Kiibi is currently in his second year pursuing a Master’s degree in Journalism and Mass Communication at Makerere University.

Producer Danz Kumapeesa passes on
Oct 7, 2017
By Watchdog reporter

Producer Danz Kumapeesa passes on
Renowned music producer Danz Kumapeesa has today morning breathed his last.
Danz Kumapeesa was early this year brutally beaten by unknown goons who severely injured his skull.
He was admitted to Nsambya Hospital where he was later discharged due to increasing hospital bills.
The deceased produced massive hits like Mbozi Za Malwa by Bebe Cool, Musaawo by Winnie Nwagi, Magic by Winnie Nwagi, Yo Sweet by Rema Namakula among others.

Image result for Mozey radio Waves V-sign

Ugandans mourn death of musician Mowzey Radio

 Daniel Mumbere
01/02 - 09:43
Uganda’s president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has led tributes and condolences to fallen musician, Mowzey Radio, of the globally acclaimed Ugandan music duo, Goodlyfe Crew.
Mowzey Radio whose real name is Moses Sekibogo passed away at one of the major private hospitals in the capital Kampala in the early hours of Thursday morning.
The 34 year old artist who many describe as ‘Uganda’s greatest vocalist and songwriter’ succumbed to injuries sustained in a bar brawl two weeks ago.

 PROFILE: What you didn’t know about fallen Musician Mowzey Radio
Uganda's Mowzey Radio dies after 'pub brawl'
1 February 2018
Tributes have been pouring in for one of East Africa's most popular musicians, Mowzey Radio, who has died aged 33 after a reported bar brawl.
Radio, real name Moses Ssekibogo, died just hours after Uganda's President Yoweri Museveni donated $8,300 (£5,800) towards his medical bills.
The Afrobeats star was being treated in hospital for head injuries he sustained in the alleged brawl 10 days ago.
Five people have been arrested in connection with the incident so far.
According to Uganda's Daily Monitor newspaper, the singer was allegedly beaten into a coma at a popular hang out spot in Entebbe town, south of the capital Kampala.
He had been in hospital ever since, although his management had stressed his condition was improving.
However, at 06:00 local time (03:00 GMT) on Thursday, the singer, who made up one half of duo Radio & Weasel, lost his fight for life.

A rags to riches tale

by Catherine Byaruhanga, BBC News, Uganda
Tambula Nange or "Walk with Me" by Mowzey Radio is a song about searching for redemption. Fitting perhaps for a young man looking for solace in a tumultuous life.
Together with rapper Douglas Mayanja they formed the unique duo - Radio and Weasel.
It was a rags to riches story, with both men coming from poor families and making it big - but their partying lifestyle and reports of drug abuse made the headlines too.
The richness of Radio's voice and the depth of his lyrics moved many Ugandans. His songs have been constantly played both on the airwaves and in Uganda's vibrant nightclubs throughout the decade since he burst onto the music scene.
There's a great sense of loss today for his talent at this particularly young age.

Master Blaster: 'Embooko' singer shot dead at bar

Blaster 703x422 

By Eddie Ssejjoba
The New Vision ,  30th December 2015 07:13 AM
Master Blaster, whose real name is Cornelius Oloya, was in his early 30s.

He was shot twice in the stomach during a scuffle, allegedly between a group of Ugandan youth and South Sudanese party-goers at Eden Service Park, a pub in Bwaise on Nabweru Road.

He had just released his new song, Ekibala (fruit) which had also become popular in bars. Police sources revealed that a group of South Sudanese nationals blocked locals from the concert hall because they had booked the pub for their annual concert.

This allegedly angered some youth who wanted to join in the merrymaking. Fellow musicians and eye witnesses said the scuffle that started at about midnight on Tuesday went on till morning. The shooting is alleged to have occurred at about 6:00am when the Police came to intervene in the row.

The pub management had been forced to lock the visiting group inside the hall, until day-break to avoid further clashes and protect them.

They said when management later opened the gates, the South Sudanese met their rivals still waiting outside, with the Police trying to calm the situation to give safe passage to the visitors. There were conflicting accounts on who shot the artiste, with some accusing the South Sudanese.

Some sources suggested that in an attempt to give protection to South Sudanese, Policemen started shooting and one of them shot at Master Blaster, who was standing a few metres away from the scene.

Some bullet holes were still visible in a Mobile Money kiosk across the road.

Other accounts indicated that Master Blaster had earlier attempted to gain access to the venue to see whether he would be allowed to perform for the group, but he was denied access.
Kawempe division Police commander, Hashim Kasinga told New Vision that when the Police shot in the air to scare the local group, one of the youth grabbed a policeman. In the process, a stray bullet shot Master Blaster dead.

Bosco Nsingwangabo, an eye witness, said Master Blaster was shot in the stomach and fell by the roadside, where he lay in a pool of blood for some time. The Police later took him to Mulago Hospital, where he was pronounced dead two hours later.

Kasinga ordered for the temporally closure of the bar, to allow the Police carry out further investigations and blamed the management for failure to provide enough security.

However, later in the afternoon, the Police used live bullets in running battles with musicians and Bwaise residents who wanted to avenge Master Blaster’s death by lynching any South Sudanese in sight.

At the Nabweru-Kawaala junction, Policemen shot several times in the air to disperse people who had cornered some Sudanese youth behind a motor garage. They were whisked away in a private vehicle, which was escorted by an anti-riot Police vehicle.

One of the close friends of the deceased, only identified as Zurah said Master Blaster was living in Kimombasa zone, Bwaise with colleagues from where he would always go to different bars and clubs to perform.

Another musician referring to himself as ‘Ghetto Commander’ told New Vision that Master Blaster had started getting invitations to perform at various venues because of his new hit, with his last performances at the National Theatre and Kiira Club.

“We moved together from Kiira Club and came to Eden ,but the South Sudanese blocked anyone from joining their concert. I left him outside with other friends and I returned home, only to find him in a pool of blood in Mulago Hospital,” he said.

Master Blaster’s manager, Brian Mugabi alias MC Hitman said the deceased performed at Kabuusu in Rubaga, Kampala on Monday night and returned to Bwaise, from where he was killed.

Former ethics minister, James Nsaba Buturo at one time banned Master Blaster from public performance, saying his song, Embooko, was vulgar.

He was later arrested and detained for some time. Colleagues said Master Blaster was frustrated for banning his song and had resorted to petty business.

In March this year, Master Blaster was reported dead in what some people suspected to be a stage-managed death, intended to resurrect his fame.